Getting Your Boat Spring/Summer Ready

Author: Stuart Buckingham   Date Posted:30 September 2018 

Blog Getting Your Boat Spring/Summer ReadySpring is in the air! Yep, it's that time of year that many have been waiting for... boating season. Soon the snapper will be plentiful and the warmer weather will be inspiring many to hit the water. If you've laid your boat up for the Winter now is the time you should be checking things over and ensuring that your boattrailer and outboard are seaworthy.
If you're not 'hands-on' get in touch with your Outboard Technician and book your boat in for its annual service. Many places will already be booked out 2 or 3 weeks in advance and this won't improve the closer we get to Christmas, so don't delay.
But, if you are 'hands-on' then it's important the following should be checked:

1. Trailer bearings - Jack up the trailer, spin wheels and checked for slop

2. Water pump - Has the impeller been replaced? Check plate and insert for wear
3. Fuel filter - Replace cartridges or filters if necessary
4. Steering - Is it free or seized? If applicable, check for fluid leaks
5. Batteries - Are they charged? Do they need replacing?
6. Safety gear - Have your flares expired? Do your life vests need servicing?
Before you head out to the boat ramp it's also worth having a read of our 'What To Check Before Going Boating' blog, to read click here. Being prepared and diligent is the best way to ensure you get the most out of boating season. Have fun!

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