Warranty Policy

Outboard Spares Pty Ltd Warranty Statement

Outboard Spares Pty Ltd (“Outboard Spares”) warrants that our products are manufactured free from defects in workmanship and materials (the “Warranty”). Outboard Spares offer a replacement warranty on all products. The Warranty is in effect for a period of 12 months from the original date of invoice on all Outboard Spares products. However, should the application of our products be used for commercial use (where an income producing activity is evident) the Warranty is limited to 6 months from the original date of invoice. The Warranty is subject to the below additional terms and conditions.

The Warranty shall be void if Outboard Spares, in its sole discretion, decides that the product submitted for warranty evaluation failed due to:

  1. I.  Ordinary wear and tear;
  2. II.  Improper maintenance, incorrect installation or improper use or application that would be deemed unconventional;
  3. III.  Damage caused by
  4.      (i).  An external part or accessory not supplied or manufactured by Outboard Spares;
  5.      (ii).  Use in an engine operating in competitive racing;
  6.      (iii).  Water entering the engine through the exhaust or carburettor;
  7.      (iv).  External factors; such as weed, sand, mud, shell, rock, plastic, etc.

Any claim under this Warranty shall be made in writing within the Warranty period and the part returned to Outboard Spares within the Warranty period. A claim number authorising the return for inspection must be obtained from Outboard Spares before the goods will be accepted.

Warranty Claims

To make a warranty claim the following process needs to be followed:

  1. I.  Call or email Outboard Spares to obtain a claim number;
  2. II.  A detailed written statement declaring the following:
  3.      (i).  Claim number;
  4.      (ii).  The trade or retail customers full name and address;
  5.      (iii).  Specific details of the application of which the part was installed for;
  6.      (iv).  All engine details including Make, Model and Serial numbers;
  7.      (v).  A statement as to the party or individual who the part was installed by and their qualifications to install the part;
  8.      (vi).  The suspected reason for failure;
  9.      (vii).  Any suspected damage to the engine resulting from the Outboard Spares product failure.
  10. III.  Return the damaged product along with the detailed statement to:
  11.           Outboard Spares
  12.           1/84 Brunel Road
  13.           Seaford, Victoria 3198

In cases where an Outboard Spares product is suspected of causing other components of the engine to fail, those parts may need to be sent to Outboard Spares for inspection at the applicant’s expense. Photos and/or video media may also be requested to assist Outboard Spares in their assessment of the claim.

NOTE: Warranty claims for damage caused to the outboard by a suspected Outboard Spares product failure will be void if it is evident that appropriate measures were not taken to avoid such damage, which includes but are not limited to:

  1. I.  Outboard warning alarm/s were ignored;
  2. II.  Outboard was not shut down when customer suspected product issue;
  3. III.  Outboard gauges/instruments were ignored;
  4. IV.  Outboard warning alarm/s were inoperable.

Outboard Spares reserves the right to decline any application for warranty where the above terms have not been met and/or wrong and misleading information has been supplied.