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Author: Melissa Buckingham   Date Posted:28 June 2018 

Blog Boat Show Tips & Tricks

Well, it's that time of year again... boat show season. Some have already kicked off and some are yet to come but anyone who is attending a boat show needs to be well equipped. So, here are our tips and tricks for surviving a boat show:


1. Be prepared. If you're in the market to buy a boat, motor, trailer or accessory know your budget, have your list of extras ready and ask questions around build date, warranty and turnaround.


2. Lock it in. Make sure you walk away with a signed deal stating what you've negotiated and a receipt or invoice for your deposit. No one likes a VCAT hearing.


3. Avoid the weekend. If you're serious about buying something, go in on a weekday when the crowds aren't as busy and you'll have more time to negotiate.


4. Take a mate. If you're going to make a decision on a boat, you're going to want your fishing buddy making it with you.


5. Don't be a tyre kicker. If you're not in the market, take a look and move on.


6. Don't make eye contact. Those random sales stands that sell something not even remotely related to the marine industry. You know the ones. You've probably been sucked into their sales pitch before. Walk past and look. the. other. way!


7. And lastly, make sure you've got a spare $100 for parking on the way out.


If you've been to a boat show before you'll know it's the time to get a deal. All the major brands are there so whether it is a new boat, outboard or accessory this is when the best deals are happening. Let's face it, these guys don't spend thousands of dollars on a display stand to walk away empty handed. No, they want your hard earned cash and they're willing to bend over backwards to get it. Use it to your advantage!


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